Lead your team on
an Amazing Race across

Corporate Amazing Race –
Auckland’s favourite Team Building Activity

Auckland City

Auckland City is perfect for a classic Amazing Race. With such a wide range of parks and open spaces as well as the stunning harbour front area, the choices are almost limitless. Will also suit a self drive event and has plenty of places to finish with a cold drink and something to eat with your team.

Manukau City

Another great area for both self-drive races and a classic foot race, the area of Manukau has ample parks and gardens, but also urban and retail areas to give the races a more strategic twist. With the natural wetlands and multiple festival and concert venues, it gives great options.

Waitakere City

With huge areas of natural park, ocean front and harbour views too, the area of Waitakere lends itself to a great nature based race. Either find a beautiful area and base the race around the forest, beaches and waterfalls or get your teams in cars and open up the area to a wider area.


Skirting the Pahurehure Inlet south of Auckland, the district of Papakura is a mix of urban waterfront and natural parks and country and agricultural suburbs. Choose the area around the inlet as a classic foot race or explore the wider area in a self-drive race.


Perfect for a self-drive race to explore the wider area, the district of Franklin covers a largely green area south of Auckland. Don’t discount a foot race around the thriving town of Franklin or the surrounding areas either.


North of Auckland City, lies the district of Rodney. Boasting a stunning coastline and beaches, a mountainous inland together with areas of urban development, the area is perfect for different kinds of races.


On the northern side of the harbour, The North Shore has a great shoreline, a busy urban interior and good access to the harbour ferries, the North Shore has great options for a walking race or a public transport race.